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    Obtained Qmilch? Dressmaker Anke Domaske produces brand new material made from whole milk


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    Obtained Qmilch? Dressmaker Anke Domaske produces brand new material made from whole milk

    Post by snow1991 on Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:45 pm

    One clothier believes she can do your body good by making clothes out of milk.
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    Anke Domaske, a former microbiology student, created a new type of fabric comprised of a milk protein.

    "We allow us an all-natural fiber consisting of a very high concentration of casein, with added national ingredients--and in mere two years, inch Domaske told Reuters.

    Domaske's creative idea has won her the innovation award of Germany's Linen Research Association. The association acknowledged the fact that this is a sustainable fiber that can alter the clothing production industry.

    "It feels as though man made fibre and it doesn't smell--you can wash it just like anything else, inch Domaske told Reuters.

    The fabric, called Qmilch -- which merges quality with the German word for milk, not only feels good but it is actually best for one's health, Domaske said. The protein contains amino acids that are antibacterial and anti-aging Domaske told Reuters. The fabric can also help regulate body temperature and circulation.

    Domaske said she was inspired to manufacture a new fabric by watching her stepfather battle with skin problems while going through cancer treatment.

    "There are so many people who really suffer just by wearing normal clothing, inch Domaske told The Associated Press. "I wanted to find a way to help them. inch

    This new fabric is water efficient compared to current mass-produced clothing items. Qmilch only uses a half gallon of water to make 2 pounds of fabric, Domaske told the AP. Cotton takes more than 10, 000 liters of water to produce the same amount of fabric.

    Domaske uses Qmilch in her own clothing line, Mademoiselle Chi Chi, and has plans to expand next year.

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